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Jonathan Katz

SUNY - Buffalo

Dr. Jonathan Katz is a Professor of Art at SUNY-Buffalo. He downplayed fears of Islamic terrorism to identify what he says is the true culprit: conservative Republicans. After the horrific massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando last year, Katz warned people not to get distracted by it.  Instead, Katz opined, “The discussion of ISIS is a deliberate misdirection and an attempt by the Right to make the unpalatable defense of gay people more to their liking by rewriting it in patriotic terms. We need to look at why we are allowing American citizens to legally purchase assault weapons. Trans-people are killed in this country on a regular basis just because of their mere existence…What happened in Orlando is part of the pattern of anti-gay violence in the U.S. We cannot allow this tragedy to be used by our enemies in ways that obscure its cause. We have a homophobia problem in this country and that should be the focus.”


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