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Jennifer Ho

University of Colorado - Boulder

Dr. Jennifer Ho is a Professor of Asian American Studies and Director of the Center for Humanities & the Arts at the University of Colorado-Boulder. According to her university biography, Professor Ho’s research interests include cultural studies, intersectionality, critical race studies, anti-racist theory, and critical mixed race studies.

Critical Theory, or Critical Race Theory, is an intellectual branch of Marxism that alleges American society and all of its founding institutions are infected with white supremacy. Furthermore, proponents of Critical Race Theory believe that people should take proactive steps to dismantle these institutions in the name of equity, which is also referred to as being “anti-racist.” Some Critical Race Theorists, such as Nikole Hannah-Jones, also claim that America’s real founding was in 1619 when the first slave stepped foot in North America, and not 1776 when the American colonies declared independence from England.

In an article for The Conversation, titled, “White Supremacy is the Root of all race-related violence in the US,” Professor Ho alleges that all hate crimes committed in the United States are the result of white supremacy. The article is her response to the March 16th, 2021 mass shooting of massage parlors in Atlanta, George, that killed eight people, six of them being Asian-Americans.

Professor Ho attributes not just the March 2021 Atlanta shootings to white supremacy, but she actually attributes all hate crimes to white supremacy, regardless of whether or not they were committed by a white person. In the same article, Professor Ho lists a series of anti-Asian hate crimes perpetrated by black men before stating that white supremacy is the cause for all of them.

Professor Ho further describes white supremacy as an ideology “ingrained” into American institutions and the driving force behind the dehumanizing of Asian-Americans as well Black Americans.

The University of Colorado-Boulder features Professor Ho’s work on the College of Arts and Science’s website, in a web page titled, “Anti-Asian Racism and Covid-19”. In addition to claiming that “millions” of unarmed black men have been killed by police, Professor Ho also alleges that it is also racist to state that COVID-19 originated in China.


Professor Ho also co-teaches a class on anti-racism, titled, “Anti-Racism l”. According to the description of the course, participants will learn the following from Professor Ho:

  • How to critically discuss “Whiteness.”
  • Recognize that all white people possess white privilege.
  • How the history of racism in the United States has created racial hierarchies that still exist.
  • The true foundations of the United States are that of “settler colonialism.”
  • How white supremacy benefits white people.
  • Why the phrases, “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” are racist.

For more information on Critical Race Theory, readers may view TPUSA Founder and CEO Charlie Kirk’s explanation of the field below.

The Professor Watchlist Team reached out to Professor Ho for comment but has not received a reply by the time of publication.


Parents may contact the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado-Boulder at 303-492-7294.

Updated – May 2021 

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