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Filipe Castro

Texas A&M

Filipe Vieira de Castro is the Frederic R. Mayer Fellow II of Nautical Archaeology, an Anthropology professor, and the Director of the Ship Reconstruction Laboratory at Texas A&M University. Castro is virulently anti-Israel, has expressed anti-Christian sentiments numerous times, slandered prominent conservatives, and confronted Turning Point USA students on campus.

As confirmed by a member of the TPUSA chapter at Texas A&M, Castro approached and immediately began arguing with them while they were tabling at the Memorial Student Center (MSC). Posting about the event later, he stated that TPUSA students should have no place at a university and even joked in a reply to a comment that they should be sent to the gulag for “re-education.”




Castro, among other protestors at Texas A&M University, advocated for the removal of a statue of Sullivan Ross, a Confederate General and former President of the university. When interviewed, he stated that the statue represented “racism” and “exclusion.”

“Why do we want a statue that stands for racism and exclusion and hatred? Statues are just artifacts, they are not history…History is in the library. If you really want to know the history of the Confederacy, go to the library.” 

While protesting to take down certain statues, he is also an advocate for erecting one of convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg.

“With ups and downs, she has dedicated her life to fighting injustice. She deserves a statue.”



As a self-described “rabid anti-Zionist,” Castro is a fierce opponent of the state of Israel. He regularly launches into antisemitic tirades on his personal social media account.

“Yes Israel is the world’s largest open air lunatic asylum in the world and the raving lunatics happen to belong to the most educated (and thus resourceful) community in the world….they can, and probably will, kill us all.”



“But this is a genocidal war. Israel is fighting a genocidal war against Palestinians.”



“The Likud has been the Israeli Tea Party…It just takes the right guy…to energize it and channel it towards some easy target. That’s what Hitler did.”



His most incendiary rant was reserved for July 8th. Describing Jews as “savages” and “animals,” Castro compared the modern state of Israel to apartheid-era South Africa before castigating Jews for being insufficiently aware of their persecution in the Holocaust.

“Sadistic motherf******. Racist, savage creeps. The same hatred as in South Africa in the 1980s. Animals. And if it can be more shocking, these creeps should know how it feels to be dehumanized, insulted, beaten, assassinated for religious reasons. They ought to ask their grandparents how it felt to be persecuted.”



Castro’s ire is not only reserved for Jews. According to him, “superstitious” Christians only support Israel out of a subliminal admiration for Adolf Hitler;

“But the majority of Zionists are Evangelical Christians that want all the Jews to go to Israel so that God can bring about Armageddon or, in other words, end Hitler’s work. And their racism is stupid and violent and superstitious.”  



Castro regularly berates Christians, Jews, and other religions online.

“Certain forms of idiocy must be criminalized. America needs to go medieval on hate crimes. Police brutality on African Americans, crimes of antisemitism, Islamophobe, homophobia….Start with the instigators: pastors, imams, rabbis, nazi pundits, etc.”  



“I am always amazed with the hatred with which American Christians hate the world. They are always threatening a country (now it is Iran) or planning to invade a region, and blaming the victims for trying to defend themselves.” 



“Sure, Make the last rabbi eat the last priest and then hang him with the last entrails of the last imam. We would all prefer if there were no mosques, no churches, no synagogues, just libraries, and museums.” 



In one post, he commented that Christians should be allowed to die from COVID as the cost of attending services.

“They all want to go to church next Sunday, eat their god, or whatever they do. I think that they should be allowed to go, but before they should sign a paper and give up the write to a ventilator.”  



Prior to this, Castro seemingly celebrated that Liberty University students would potentially die from COVID:

“Christians thinning the herd :)”



Castro has gloated over prominent conservatives like Herman Cain and Louie Gohmert contracting and dying from COVID:

“And it is true: Covid kills the poor. It also kills some stupid, like Herman Cain, but it mostly kills the poor.” 




In other posts, he celebrated Rush Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis, called Jordan Peterson a fascist, and claimed that Tucker Carlson is the “voice” of the Ku Klux Klan.   He wrote, “Is it horrible that I actually felt happy to learn that Rush Limbaugh is dying…I just have a nice warm feeling in my heart…?”



“Jordan Peterson doesn’t have the balls to come out as the misogynist fascist that he really is.” 



“So now, without his top writer cretin Tucker, something is not going to be the voice of the KKK anymore? Good to know.” 


He has also repeatedly attacked police officers, describing units as being “full of klansmen.”



Castro has recently received widespread attention for these and other incendiary remarks from various news outlets.

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