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Amin Husain

New York University

Amin Husain is a part-time faculty member at New York University and the Pratt Institute. According to the university’s website, Husain’s work focuses on “resistance and liberation, movement generated theory and practice.”

Husain is also confounded and directs the NYC-based activist group, “Decolonize This Place” (DTP).  According to their website, DTP events center around “Indigenous Struggle, Black Liberation, Free Palestine, Global Wage Workers, and De-Gentrification.”

Husain and DTP are known for their extreme rhetoric and aggressive confrontations with law enforcement. Husain and DTP utilize ANTIFA style-tactics during protests. The homepage of DTP regularly features videos of burning police vehicles.

Prior to the Museum of Natural History’s decision to remove their statue of Theodore Roosevelt, Husain joined a chorus of activists demanding that the statue be removed. DTP itself posted a detailed graphic with instructions on toppling statues.

In January, DTP posted the following graphic for an upcoming protest against the NYP. The damage from the protests led by Husain resulted in 13 arrests and over $100,000 in damages to the NYC subway system.

As a member of NYC Solidarity With Palestine, Husain is known for using his position to entwine his anti-police and anti-Israel views. Husain projected his radicalism at the June “No To Annexation” rally, hosted by the anti-Israel group Within Our Lifetimes. Husain can be seen telling the crowd that police “are our enemy” in a video captured by the Middle-East watchdog the Middle East Research Institute.



At an Al-Quds Day rally in 2016, Husain spoke glowingly of Islamic Jihadists.



Updated – Spring 2021

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