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Erik Loomis

University of Rhode Island

Erik Loomis is an associate History professor and the Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Rhode Island. His university biography states that his research interests include labor and environmental history, global capitalism, and the U.S. West. Loomis is known for his defense of the terrorist group ANTIFA, calling for the execution of NRA Vice-President Wayne LaPierre, and voracious opposition to law enforcement.

Loomis first attracted attention in 2012—following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting—for his condemnation of the NRA. In a series of tweets, he called for Wayne LaPierre’s “head on a stick” and dubbed the NRA a “terrorist organization” that murders children.



In an interview addressing the incident, he refused to apologize for his comments and even called for the abolishment of the Second Amendment.

Loomis recently authored his support for the murder of a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon. In a piece on a blog titled “Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” Loomis seemed to be more distraught over ANTIFA member Michael Reinhol’s death following a shootout with police, rather than the death of the man he killed, Aaron Danielson. Reinoehl, who was wanted by police for killing Danielson during a Trump rally in Portland, was killed after drawing a gun on law enforcement agents serving a warrant for his arrest.

In his blog post, Loomis wondered whether or not the cops were working with “fascists” to murder Reinoehl.



When confronted by a reader over his comments, Loomis replied that he saw nothing immoral about killing a “fascist.”



Loomis frequently denounces law enforcement online. He refers to the police as fascists, calls for their disbandment, and even authored an additional blog post accusing ICE of ethnic cleansing.



In addition to authoring an insulting eulogy following the death of the late Senator John McCain, Loomis uses his online platform to denigrate prominent conservatives while visiting their grave-sites. He described William F. Buckley as a “rotting putrescent corpse of one of the worst human beings to ever foul the land of this fine nation,” and referred to Navy Seal Chris Kyle as a “professional murderer.”


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