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Seif Da'na

University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Seif Da’na is a professor and Associate Dean at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside.  Da’na has lectured that Israel is a racist, colonial state conducting ethnic genocides in the Middle East. He regularly makes media appearances on outlets like NowThisNews–often running cover for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

While appearing on the Lebanese-based Manar TV, Da’na supported the Chinese government’s claim that the Coronavirus in fact originated in the United States and was deliberately released.

During the same appearance, Da’na downplayed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—describing them as inconsequential to the damage that Western nations inflict on the rest of the world.

Da’na also bizarrely claimed that “Hitler did not do anything out of the ordinary,” minimizing his atrocities when compared to other Western nations.

When contacted by various outlets, Da’na defended his comments, claiming with hubris that he had always stood against bigotry, including “Nazism and Fascism.” It should be noted that the station on which Da’na made his controversial remarks is aligned with Hezbollah, whose founder Hassan Nasrallah is often quoted by the media expressing his desire to kill as many Jews as possible.

Nonetheless, UW-Parkside was quick to defend Da’na, attacking the sites covering his comments and even asking them to remove the story.

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