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Beth Younger

Drake University

Beth Younger is an Associate Professor at Drake University in the English Department. Her areas of interest include popular culture, young adult literature, feminist theory, and women’s studies. She has written many publications relating to these topics, including “Through a Lesbian Lens: Girls, Femininity, and Sexuality on a Reading Spectrum,” “Pleasure, Pain, and the Power of Being Thin: Female Sexuality in Young Adult Literature,” and “Learning Curves: Body Image and Female Sexuality in Young Adult Literature.”

In her free time, she chooses to write on a different subject: conservatives. In January 2021, Dr. Younger was the center of controversy when her Twitter was discovered to be full of anti-conservative rhetoric. She discussed her hate of all “republican assholes” who “need to suffer.” She also tweeted about how she thinks “men are trash.” She even tweeted hateful and inappropriate words to Charlie Kirk, the Turning Point USA founder and CEO. Her Twitter has since been deleted, but some of these tweets are included below:

After the tweets emerged in the media, Professor Younger made a public apology. In her apology, she states: “Recently some of the comments I have made on Twitter were copied and publicized without my knowledge. I understand that some of these comments have been upsetting to students and others.” She goes on to blame the Drake University Turning Point chapter, alleging “These students did not contact me or reach out to ask questions–their targeted harassment is a common tactic used by Turning Point USA to harass “liberal” educators and create conflict. While I do regret the harm this has caused, I think the students involved are misguided.”

Drake University President Marty Martin issued a statement to students, staff, and faculty via email following these events condoning the tweets. He said language like that would not be tolerated at Drake University. As of October 2021, Professor Younger still appears to be teaching at the university. She has since deleted her Twitter account.


Parents and Students may contact Drake University at (515) 271-2011

Updated – Fall, 2021

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