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Anthony Zenkus

Columbia University

Anthony Zenkus is an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Social Work at Columbia University and has also taught at Adelphi University in the Graduate School of Social Work. His Columbia University bio describes Zenkus as an “activist” on issues of racial justice and income inequality and that he was trained by former Vice President Al Gore as a presenter in the Climate Reality Project.

In addition, the biography describes Zenkus as an organizer with the Occupy Wall Street movement and that Zenkus advocates for raising the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.  Zenkus’s Columbia biography also states that in addition to his work as an adjunct lecturer, his work involves the training of professionals on trauma, child abuse, and family violence.


Campus Reform reports that, in an exchange on Twitter, Zenkus states that slavery, genocide, and World Wars I and II are the result of capitalism.

In the same Twitter thread, Zenkus responds to a Twitter user who states that Nazism is “a movement of the left,” to which Zenkus alleges that Adolf Hitler was, in fact, a capitalist.

In another tweet, Zenkus states that the American flag is a symbol of genocide. Zenkus replies to a now-deleted tweet from another user that stated, “The hammer and sickle is a symbol of genocide. What are you gonna admire next, the swastika?”  In his retort, Zenkus claims that America has committed “centuries” of slavery and genocide.

Zenkus maintains that capitalist societies are physically harmful to children that grow up in poverty. In a talk called, “Watch the Gap: How Capitalism Negatively Affects Development,” given at a TEDx event, Zenkus claims that capitalism is the cause of massive inequality and widespread poverty in the country.

At the same event, Zenkus attributes everything from racism and brain damage in children to the inequality that he alleges is inherent in our society. In order to alleviate poverty, Zenkus calls for a “transformational distribution of wealth.”

Below is a video of Professor Brandzel’s TEDx, “Watch the Gap.”



The Professor Watchlist Team has reached out to Zenkus for comment, but have not received a response by the time of publication.


Parents and Students may contact Columbia University at (212) 854-1754

Updated – Spring, 2021

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