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Alexander Reid Ross

Portland State University

Dr. Alexander Reid Ross is an Instructor in the Geography Department at Portland State University.

Dr. Ross is a supporter of anti-fascist movements—commonly referred to as “ANTIFA”— across the country. As a journalist, he regularly publishes favorable articles about far-left protests that descend into violence while writing for publications that are supportive of ANTIFA.

As reported by The Post-Millennial, leaked emails from the Department of Homeland Security show that law enforcement agencies identify ANTIFA as an organization that engages in “organized” rather than sporadic violence. Many members arm themselves with knives and firearms to violently confront conservatives at events. In the Summer of 2021, members of ANTIFA attacked Senator Rand Paul and his wife as they walked through Washington D.C.

As the publication Quillete has identified, far-left journalists based in Portland frequently provide favorable coverage to ANTIFA factions for sympathetic outlets. One such individual is Dr. Ross, who writes for prominent publications, such as VICE, The Washington Post, The Daily Beast, and the New York Times.

He has additionally written a book—titled, “Against the Fascist Creep”—in defense of ANTIFA and their confrontational tactics. While speaking at the Orange County Anarchist Book Fair in 2017 about the book, he stated that “militant ways” are needed to keep Republicans and conservatives in check, comparing both to the murderous Klu Klux Klan.


He further encourages members of the audience—while speaking as an “anti-fascist”—to be prepared to “get their hands dirty” when confronting fascism.


Dr. has also written for publications such as the radical environmentalist magazine, Earth First!, and the ANTIFA-sympathetic publication, It’s Going Down.

Upon its founding in 1980 as an alternative to mainstream environmental groups, Earth First! adopted the slogan, “No compromise in defense of Mother Earth.” The organization encourages militant, direct action or “monkeywrenching” to cripple targeted industries. Members have been known to sabotage pipelines and lumber mills, often endangering the lives of workers in the process.

It’s Going Down is an online news site dedicated to promulgating ANTIFA’s anarchist worldview and highlighting protests with an ANTIFA Presence. Dr. Ross frequently contributes to the site in order to defend and praise antifascist movements.

In one post, Dr. Ross praises violent ANTIFA groups across the country, including the Portland-based “Rose City Antifa.”

Rose City Antifa frequently confronts and assaults conservative protests in Portland. The group is most infamously known for its attack on Andy Ngo. The conservative journalist suffered a brain hemorrhage after being assaulted with milkshakes filled with quick-drying cement.

Dr. Ross has additionally defended the infamous Portland riots. In his interview with Salon, he attributes the violence to Trump supporters and the presence of the police and federal officers.

During the summer months of 2020, Downtown Portland endured over 100 continuous nights of riots, in which ANTIFA groups assaulted a federal courthouse, hurling Molotov cocktails while attempting to set the building on fire. Multiple responding officers were permanently blinded by lasers and 90% of rioters eventually had their charges dropped by the district attorney.

In addition to his professorial duties, Dr. Ross serves as a Fellow at the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right and frequently runs defense for ANTIFA on Portland-based TV stations.


Students and Parents may contact the Geography Department at Portland State University at (503) 725-3916 or at [email protected] 


Updated – November 30th, 2021

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