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Peter Strzok

Georgetown University

Peter Strzok is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Strzok was recently hired by the Walsh School of Foreign Service and teaches Counterintelligence and National Security.

Strzok—a former counterintelligence agent with the FBI—was known for his lead role in the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Strzok launched a counterintelligence operation and obtained multiple warrants to spy on individuals connected to the Trump campaign to determine if the candidate was illegally cultivating ties with Russia. Code-named Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s investigation heavily relied on information provided by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele.

Steele had compiled a series of lurid allegations against then-candidate Trump, alleging liabilities to the Kremlin would allow him to be blackmailed by Russia. Referred to as the Steele Dossier, it was initially paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign before being ferried by Bruce Ohr of the Justice Department to the FBI. The Obama Administration was briefed by CIA director John Brennan about Clinton’s attempt to use the dossier as an effort to tie the Trump campaign to Russia. The FBI used Steele as an informant to obtain FISA warrants against campaign surrogates George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.

It was later revealed that Steele’s source for the dossier was a suspected Russian spy and his allegations were unfounded. Despite Steele being removed by the FBI for his misconduct, this information was withheld from a FISA court when seeking warrants to surveil Papadopoulos and Page. The FBI claimed that Steele was not the source contained in the application while continuing to rely on his allegations.

Papadopoulos was ultimately never charged with colluding with Russia and the warrants issued for Page have been found to lack probable cause for surveillance. A top lawyer working for Strzok has pleaded guilty to falsifying information in order to obtain a warrant for Page.

Peter Strzok was also instrumental in setting a perjury trap for General Flynn. Initially a target of Crossfire Hurricane, the Bureau soon closed the investigation over a lack of evidence. Strzok then intervened and immediately reopened the case in early 2017. Hoping to catch Flynn in a lie so that he would be fired, Strzok interviewed Flynn over his recent conversation with the Russian Ambassador regarding sanctions. Despite Strzock or then FBI director James Comey believing that Fynn had not lied or mischaracterized the interaction, the FBI charged Flynn with lying under oath. The resultant trial nearly bankrupted Flynn’s family and is still ongoing.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, Strzok was texting with fellow agent Lisa Page (of whom he was having an affair with at the time) his disdain for Trump supporters and his desire to remove Donald Trump for office, referring to a supposed “insurance policy” should he win the election. Strzok, then working with Robert Mueller, coordinated with Lisa Page to selectively leak information about investigations to potentially obtain further warrants.

Strzok was soon removed from Mueller’s team once his communications were discovered, but wiped his phone before it could be reviewed for any further potentially incriminating texts. He was later fired by the FBI and excoriated by an Inspector General’s report over his partisan activities on a government-issued phone.

Throughout his career, Strzok has vindictively wielded the power of the state for his own purposes. To this day, he remains unrepentant and has repeatedly defended his actions, even authoring a book accusing the president of being compromised by Vladimir Putin.

Strzok’s texts to Lisa Page demonstrate a clear bias against conservatives, extending far beyond mere words. Strzok has repeatedly and flagrantly discriminated against conservatives.

Acting with impunity, Strzok and his team lied, falsified evidence, spied on, and attempted to bankrupt those serving on a presidential campaign that he opposed. As a professor, Strzok will hold the pivotal role of mentoring future leaders of the intelligence and law enforcement community— the same community whose principles he flagrantly violated. He will also hold the grades of his conservative students in a vice, subject to his personal prejudice. As someone that has demonstrated seemingly no prior hesitation in targeting conservatives, there is no reason to believe that Strzok will not place future students in his crosshairs.

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