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Nathan J. Jun

Midwestern State University

Nathan J. Jun is a Philosophy professor at Midwestern State University. His university biography states that his work centers around 19th and 20th century “radical” philosophies. Jun publically identifies as an anarchist and has authored books such as New Perspectives on Anarchism and Without Border or Limits: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Anarchist Studies.

According to The Blaze, Jun stated that he hopes to see the world burn “until the last cop is strangled” in a now-deleted Facebook post,

In a subsequent interview, Jun doubled down on his post, stating:

In the same segment, Jun can be seen at a Wichita Falls Black Lives Matter protest while wearing a shirt adorned with a black and red flag and lettering that reads “ANTIFASCIST ACTION”, which is widely affiliated with the left-wing extremist group ANTIFA.

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