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Michelle Evelyn Morse, M.D.

Harvard University

Michelle Evelyn Morse, M.D. is a Instructor of Medicine and an Affiliate in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard University.  She is also co-founder of the Campaign Against Racism, which describes itself as an organization that seeks to “dismantle structural racism and its effects on health around the world.”

In an interview with The World, Morse outlined what she believes is structural oppression in the healthcare field. She explained how the Coronavirus is exposing divides caused by racism:

“And I think what we’re seeing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on communities of color is that these are the fault lines that have existed for generations. And the sources are the very social arrangement that puts white people on top and black and brown people on the bottom.” 

 Morse has admitted that the long-term goal of her organization is to destroy capitalism, saying, “…the systems of racial capitalism and structural racism that we’re trying to impact and upend and break down are going to take much, much longer” 

Morse is also very candid about utilizing the coronavirus pandemic to accomplish her organization’s ambitions of fundamentally transforming the country: 

“We have to seize on this moment. We have to make sure that health workers are not just assumed to be the heroes of COVID-19, that we actually do the work of upending the sources of oppression that have led to these inequities and that we recognize that that takes time and that that takes constant pressure.”

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