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Lindsay Briggs

California State University - Chico

Lindsay Briggs is a tenured faculty member in the Department of Public Health at California State University – Chico. Briggs publicly identifies as an anarchist on her Twitter profile and serves as the Vice-Chair of the LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Association.


Already in opposition to the University Police Department, Briggs recently doxed a university police officer over an alleged online feud by posting what appears to be the officer’s name, picture, number, and home address. She justified her actions by claiming (without evidence) that the officer was engaged in online harassment and encouraged her followers to share his address “widely with your networks.” Briggs stated that it was “poor taste” for the officer to pose with a pro-police, “Thin Blue Line” poster, and claimed that the university police were white supremacists who routinely harass activists like herself. In the same post, Briggs included the image of an 8 year-old girl (whose face has been blurred for her privacy) who had made the poster for the officer.






Briggs previously posted an anti-police photo on her Instagram depicting a steam roller running over cops and included the hashtag #acab, or “all cops are bastards.”



In the past, Briggs has attracted attention for her vitriol towards students. She once lashed out at the author of an op-ed in Chico’s student newspaper that attempted to counter to statistics offered by the university’s Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (of which Briggs serves on the advisory board) on issues such as the prevalence of sexual assault on campus. Rather than addressing the points raised by the article, Briggs attacked the student who authored the piece, Roberto Fonseca, as “repugnant” and accused him of committing violence through hate speech. In a Facebook post, she continued to personally attack Fonseca and encouraged others to call the paper’s editor to protest to the piece.



In a longer post, she only proceeded to double-down on her actions:



Briggs has also referred to the conservative students on Chico’s campus as “white supremacists” in a signed letter from the local chapter of the California Faculty Association, of which she serves as a department representative. 

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