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Jody David Armour

University of Southern California

Dr. Jody David Armour is a Roy P. Crocker Professor of Law at the University of Southern California. According to his university biography, Dr. Armour studies the intersection of racial justice, criminal justice, and the rule of law.

As a critical race scholar, Dr. Armour’s work focuses on police brutality, mass incarceration, and systemic and cultural racism. He freely admits that critical race theory is included in his curriculum.

Critical race theory is an intellectual branch of Marxism—also referred to as critical theory—that alleges that white supremacy infects all political, legal, and cultural institutions in America. Many prominent critical theorists, including professor Dr. Nikole Hannah-Jones, even claim that the nation’s true founding year is 1619—rather than 1776—when the first slave stepped foot in North America.

He’s further described his work—namely “N*gga Theory: Race, Language, Unequal Justice, and the Law,” and, “Negrophobia and Reasonable Racism,”—as “steeped” in critical race theory and was invited to teach critical theory to public departments in Los Angeles County.



Dr. Armour is notable for his advocacy on behalf of District Attorneys (DAs) supported by George Soros while he served as a fellow of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

A Hungarian-born billionaire, George Soros and The Open Society Foundation donate billions of dollars to progressive causes across the country, totaling over $18 billion dollars over the past 35 years. The Foundation’s operating budget for 2020 alone was 1.4 billion dollars.

The beneficiaries of Soros’s philanthropy are progressive District Attorneys who run on issues such as ending cash bail and “mass incarceration.” Author, Matt Palumbo, has documented tens of millions of dollars flowing from Soros and the Open Society Foundation to campaigns of far-left DAs across the country.

Once elected, they immediately begin to decriminalize or refuse to prosecute certain “non-violent” crimes such as robbery, drug possession, and vandalism. This sometimes includes more serious offenses. The Soros-backed DA for Chicago, Kim Foxx, cited “mutual combat” in her decision to decline prosecution of a fatal gang shooting.

Coupled with the nationwide defunding of police departments, cities with Soros-funded DAs are witnessing record levels of crime. Twelve major US cities broke homicide records in 2021.

Officially titled the Soros Justice Senior Fellow of The Open Society Institute’s Center on Crime, Communities and Culture, Dr. Armour works not only to promote radical, criminal justice reform but uses his position within USC’s Law School to recruit Soros-backed, far-left DAs across the country.

Dr. Armour frequently hosts these DAs as part of his lecture series at the USC College of Law. One is Los Angeles County DA, George Gascon, who is known for his radical stances and failure to prosecute serious offenses.

Gascon’s office has been criticized for releasing criminals who would later go on to commit violent crimes. In 2021, a transgender woman who raped a 10 year-old girl in a bathroom received a substantially reduced sentence based on recommendations from Gascon’s office.

During their conversation, Dr. Armour audibly agreed with Gascon as he claimed that the police originate from slave patrols in the antebellum south.


During one point, Gascon compared the arrests of homeless people to confinement in a concentration camp, even stating that if a person is assaulted by a vagrant in front of their “million-dollar condo,” the solution is not to arrest or institutionalize them.


A notable portion of Dr. Armour’s conversation with Gascon is when both described their efforts to elect progressive DAs in cities across the country. Gascon even bragged about how $50 million raised by George Soros and the ACLU was used to recruit and fund the campaigns of like-minded DAs across the country.


The full interview may be viewed below.


One DA singled out for praise in their conversation is the District attorney of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, whom Dr. Armour hosted at USC’s Law School on two separate occasions. Dr. Armour has praised Krasner—who self-identifies as a “prison abolitionist”— as the most “transformational” politician in the last 50 years.

Elected in 2017—while running on ending cash bail and mass incarceration in the city—Krasner has since overseen a record-breaking crime wave in Philadelphia, with the city recording over 500 murders in 2021 alone.

During a separate, Krasner bragged about his refusal to prosecute certain crimes in his jurisdiction—namely drug offenses—while in office. This decision has drawn criticism from prosecutors who accuse Krasner of failing to keep violent criminals off the street.

US Attorney, William McSwain, attributed this policy to the death of James O’Connor, a Philadelphia police officer. O’Conner was murdered by a career criminal, Hassan Elliot while serving an arrest warrant. Krasner’s office had previously released Elliot for drug possession, which was a violation of his parole, with no bail.

Dr. Armour further used the event to recruit for Krasner’s office. As part of his nationwide tour, Kranser used his platform to recruit Dr. Armour’s students to intern and eventually work in his office, which Dr. Armour enthusiastically supported.

The full interview with Krasner may be watched below.


The Professor Watchlist Team reached out to Dr. Armour for comment but has not received a reply by the time of publication.


Students and Parents may contact the Gould School of Law at USC at (213) 740-7331

Updated – April 13th, 2022

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