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Jennifer Begeal

The New School

Jennifer Begeal is a part-time faculty member of the School of Public Engagement at The New School in New York City. According to her University Biography, she is a “Digital Storyteller and Marketing Strategist,” and also teaches at CUNY-Brooklyn and Concordia College.


In early 2018, Begeal fired off a series of tweets directed at those who participate in the pro-life march, March for Life, which takes place annually in Washington DC. Begeal accused the pro-life marchers of not supporting a series of leftist agenda items and should therefore not be given a voice in the public square.

Begeal continued to affirm that those who believe in the March for Life, but that the Women’s March is feminist propaganda, should not be heard. She also asserted that the support for the March for Life by those who do not support gun control or abortion should not be heard or recognized.


Anti-Law Enforcement

After the Capitol Hill riots in 2021, Begeal retweeted activist Shaun King’s call for defunding the police on account of, what King considered, their uselessness.

Begeal then appeared to mock a rioter who had been shot by the capitol police, tweeting “Awww, thoughts and prayers.”

She endorsed another King tweet that ascribed the existence of police activity as a means of upholding white power, saying that she agreed with “All. Of. This.” 


Updated – Spring, 2021

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