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Bart Knijnenburg

Clemson University

Bart Knijnenburg is an assistant professor at South Carolina’s Clemson University where he teaches in the School of Computing. Knijnenburg made headlines after taking to his Facebook where he unleashed a barrage of insults aimed at Republicans and the GOP. As of the time of this article being written, the school still has refused to comment on the posts. On his website, Knijnenburg says that he uses his research to try to understand the psychological principles behind online decisions such as “Should I post this on Facebook or not?” Check out a few of his Facebook posts below, then decide if you want your children enrolling in his class.

“All trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum”

“I admire anyone who stands up against white supremacy. Violent or non-violent #PunchNazis”

“This society is aggressively structured to make cis white males succeed, at the expense of minorities”


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