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Anatoli Kaploun

University of Massachusetts - Boston

Dr. Anatoli Kaploun, University of Massachusetts Boston, is a professor of Mathematics and also teaches at Bunker Hill Community College. Dr. Kaploun is on the list for abusing his academic freedom by making final exams worth 50% of the grade and mistreating his students. One student said he is “extremely rude and calls the entire class stupid. If you ask a question he will scream at you and humiliate you. [He] makes people stand at the front of the class if they don’t get something and embarrasses them.” Another student said that not only did he fail almost 70% of the class but he also “forced you to ask a question, but then bit your head off if you did ask him a question. There were forty people in my class at the beginning, but now only five people come to class.”

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