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Adam Kotsko

North Central College

Adam Kotsko is an associate visiting professor at North Central College, formerly known as Shimer College. According to the North Central College website, Adam teaches in the humanities and social sciences, and his research focuses on political theology, continental philosophy, and the history of Christian thought.



During the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, Kotsko expressed sympathy towards the terrorists that committed the atrocity. In the attack, Islamic terrorists entered the building of the satirical French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, and proceeded to murder twelve cartoonists and injure an additional eleven. The terrorists targeted the newspaper over its depictions of the Prophet Muhammed and pledged allegiance to the terrorist group ISIS.

In a deleted tweet now archived by Campus Reform, Adam expressed sympathy for the terrorists, stating that the attack was no different than someone punching a Westboro Baptist preacher.

Campus Reform reports that Kotsko offered an apology for the tweet on his personal blog. Attempting to excuse his behavior, Adam claims that he believed the magazine was “exclusively” an anti-Muslim publication and initially thought the attack was just a “crime of passion.”


Identity Politics 

On his personal Twitter account, Kotsko frequently claims that multiple aspects of our government are founded on racism. Some examples of his tweets include the following:


Kotsko also claims that all white people, regardless if anyone in their lineage owned slaves, are complicit in slavery.


In a tweet archived by the Libertarian Republic, Kotsko is asked by one of his Twitter followers what white people should do next, Kotsko replies, “Commit suicide.”

Kotsko continues, stating that “whiteness” exists solely to exploit other races.

Kotsko then states that media coverage of his tweets by Campus Reform is a “pathetic attempt at harassment.”



Parents and Students may contact North Central College at (630) 637-5100

Updated, Spring 2021

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