Lawrence Schall

Dr. Lawrence Schall is the President of Oglethorpe University. While he is supposed to make sure his school is opened to all students, he ostracized Trump supporters by blasting Trump in a school-wide e-mail. In a self-congratulatory e-mail, Schall applauded himself for coming out in support of strict gun control measures as well as speaking out against Trump. He wrote, “I still find it difficult this morning to believe that the majority of voters in our country chose to elect a man whose views on civility and inclusivity are so at odds with mine and with the values of our Oglethorpe community. This morning, I can manage to get past his inexperience and lack of public service even though virtually every editorial page in the country, left or right leaning, failed to endorse him because of those traits. What I cannot get past, and I will refuse to overlook, is a future of America that is divided by race, religion, sexual identity, and country of origin.”